Adding mixed-format text to legend descriptions

  1. Symbolize your layer by choosing a symbology option that supports class descriptions, for example, unique values, graduated colors, or graduated symbols.
  2. Edit the class descriptions and enter some formatted text. To add a description, right-click the layer to which you want to add descriptive text in the table of contents, click Properties, then click the Symbology tab on the Layer Properties dialog box.
    • If you are using the Single symbol method, click the Description button.
    • If you are using a drawing method other than Charts, right-click a symbol after you have specified its symbology options and click Edit Description.

    The text you enter appears next to that symbol in the legend; the text won't appear in the table of contents. If you want your description to be on more than one line, insert a line break by pressing CTRL+ENTER while on the Description for Legend dialog box.

  3. Click OK on the Layer Properties dialog box to apply the symbology to your layer.
  4. Switch to layout view.
  5. Click Insert > Legend. Follow the steps in the Legend Wizard.
  6. A legend is inserted onto your page with formatted text in the class descriptions.

  7. Edit the descriptions on the Symbology tab if desired and click Apply.
  8. The legend is automatically updated.

    In this example, italic formatting tags have been added.

Legend text with mixed format descriptions

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