Alphabetical list of arcpy.mapping constants

Below is a list of arcpy.mapping parameter constants. Many of these parameters are used with multiple arcpy.mapping functions and/or methods. Most of these parameters are optional—those surrounded by curly brackets ({})—and when appropriate, the default values are indicated next to the value. This document is intended to serve as a quick reference. For more specific information on what the parameter values mean, refer to the function or method documentation by using the links provided next to the parameter name.

arcpy.mapping constants

{add_position}Used with AddLayer and AddLayerToGroup

{colorspace}—Used with ExportToAI, ExportToEPS, DataDrivenPages.exportToPDF, and ExportToPDF

{color_mode}—Used with ExportToBMP, ExportToGIF, ExportToJPEG, ExportToPNG, and ExportToTIFF

{element_type}—Used by ListLayoutElements

{encryption}—Used by PDFDocument.updateDocSecurity

{gif_compression}—Used with ExportToGIF

{image_compression}—Used with ExportToEPS, DataDrivenPages.exportToPDF, and ExportToPDF

{image_quality}—Used by ExportToAI, ExportToEMF, ExportToEPS, DataDrivenPages.exportToPDF, ExportToPDF, and ExportToSVG

{insert_position}—Used with InsertLayer and MoveLayer

{layers_attributes}—Used with DataDrivenPages.exportToPDF and ExportToPDF

{layer_property}—Used with Layer.supports

displayUnits—A property of DataFrame object

{msd_anti_aliasing}—Used by ConvertToMSD

{msd_text_anti_aliasing}—Used by ConvertToMSD

{multiple_files}—Used by PDFDocument.exportToPDF

{page_range_type}—Used by DataDrivenPages.exportToPDF and DataDrivenPages.printPages

{pdf_layout}—Used by PDFDocument.updateDocProperties

{pdf_open_view}—Used by PDFDocument.updateDocProperties

{permissions}—Used by PDFDocument.updateDocSecurity

{picture_symbol}—Used by ExportToAI, ExportToEMF, ExportToEPS, DataDrivenPages.exportToPDF, ExportToPDF, and ExportToSVG

{ps_lang_level}—Used by ExportToEPS

{rle_compression}—Used by ExportToBMP

{service_capabilities}—Used by PublishMSDToServer

{tiff_compression}—Used by ExportToTIFF

timeWindowUnits—A property of DataFrameTime

{version}—Used by Layer.saveACopy and MapDocument.saveACopy

{workspace_type}—Used by Layer.replaceDataSource, MapDocument.replaceWorkspacePaths, and TableView.replaceDataSource