What's new in Maplex for ArcGIS 10


Read-only support

Read-only support for documents that use Maplex has been added at ArcGIS 10. Read-only map documents retain all the rich Maplex label properties without reverting to the ESRI standard label engine when opened on a machine without the Maplex extension.

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Maplex supported in optimized map services

Maplex labeling is now supported in optimized map services. Maplex support in optimized map services is primarily intended for cached map services. Maps using Maplex can now benefit from the increased performance from the drawing engine used by optimized map services.

Label Placement options

Repeat label parameter

The Repeat label parameter has been expanded to allow you to repeat a label within the same polygon. This is useful for geology and soil maps or other maps where polygons often have many fingers, inlets, or tributaries.

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Labels for the Upper Jurassic, Morrison Formation (JM) are repeated throughout the feature.

Boundary Placement style

Options have been added to the Boundary Placement style to support labeling polygons along the side of a boundary that does not have a polygon directly opposite. When labeling these boundaries, the label can be placed adjacent to the polygon boundary by using the Allow single sided boundary labeling option or centered on the linear boundary by using the Centered position on line option along with the Allow single sided boundary labeling option. To label polygon holes with a boundary label, the Allow boundary labeling of polygon holes option must be checked.

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Oregon state labeled with the Allow single-sided boundary labeling option enabled.

Labeling polygon holes

An additional polygon placement option has been added to support labeling polygons that contain holes. The Avoid holes in polygons option allows you to specify whether you want to label over the top of polygon holes or avoid them.

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Buildings labeled with the Avoid holes in polygons option disabled

Contour Placement and River Placement styles

Improvements have been made to the overall label placement quality for both the Contour Placement and River Placement styles.

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