Building a list of route stops



Finding routes requires an Internet connection.

  1. In the Tools pull-down menu, choose Find Route.
  2. Click the Stops tab.
  3. Choose a service from the Services list.
  4. Click the buttons to add stops to the list from the My Places list. To add a stop by clicking a location on the map, click the Get Position tool Get Position tool on this dialog box and click the location. You can also load and save routes (.grf file).
  5. Click the arrow buttons to move stops up and down in the list.
  6. To navigate the map to a stop, click the Zoom To or Pan To buttons on the dialog box. You can also right-click a stop to access commands for navigating, adding graphics or callouts to the map, or renaming and removing stops.
  7. To return to the beginning or another stop, check the Return to box and choose the stop.
  8. Click Find Route.
  9. Click the View Directions tab to see the driving directions. From that tab, you can also choose the route units, change the language displayed, copy the results to the clipboard, and print the directions.
  10. If you make a change to the language, units, or other options, click the Find Route button again to regenerate the directions.
  • Click the Options tab to specify preferences for calculating the route and how the stops and routes are displayed on the map.
  • The stops will be visited in the order they are listed, starting at the stop at the top of the list, unless you check Sequence stops automatically to optimize route on the Options tab.
  • Check the Return to box at the bottom of the Stops tab if you want your route to be a round trip.
  • To use reverse geocoding, click the Options tab, check Name stops added with tool using nearest address, then choose the address finder service that you want to use. When enabled, this will use an address to list each stop that has been added.
  • When reverse geocoding is turned on, the dialog box will find the street address closest to the selected graphic, selected feature, or location you clicked with the Get Position tool and use this address to show the stop in the list.
  • Clear Temporary Graphics, on the Edit menu, can be used to remove markers, labels, callouts, and routes created with the Go to XY toolbar.

Published 6/8/2010