Changing Publisher Map Title

Publisher Map Title is a single text element that allows you to title a map when printing or exporting. The map title properties, such as font, size, and location, are set by the map publisher and cannot be changed. Publisher Map Title will only appear in layout view. You can change the title text by using the Change Map Title tool on the Layout toolbar or on the Tools > Layout menu. If Publisher Map Title is enabled and you do not specify text using one of the methods mentioned previously, you will be prompted to enter the text when printing or exporting the map. Any changes made to the title text will not be saved with the map.

  1. Click Tools, point to Layout, then click Change Map Title Change Map Title button. Alternatively, click the Change Map Title tool on the Layout toolbar.
  2. Enter the title text with which you want to label your map.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Export or print your map.

If you do not specify the map title text before exporting or printing, a dialog box appears prompting you to specify the text you would like to have as the map title.

Published 6/8/2010