Using the Pen tool

  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the Pen tool and choose a color.
  2. Choose a pen width with which to write from the drop-down list.
  3. Click with the mouse or begin writing with the Tablet PC pen anywhere on the map to begin inking.
  1. Ink that is written in data view is viewable in both data and layout view.
  2. Ink that is written in layout view will only appear in layout view.
  3. A two-second pause between writing creates separate ink parts. Zooming to next and previous ink zooms to the extent of an ink part.
  4. If map labels move when trying to circle or highlight them, the map author needs to republish the map with Default Graphics layer Feature Weight set to None. ArcReader markups are written to the default graphics layer. Feature weighting is honored by ArcReader.

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Published 6/8/2010