Identifying features by pointing at them

  1. Click the Identify button Identify button on the Data toolbar.
  2. An empty Identify window appears.

  3. Click the map feature you want to identify or drag a box around multiple features.
  4. By default, information about the topmost layer populates the Identify window.

  5. Click the Identify from arrow and identify a feature in a specific layer.
  6. Only features in that layer are shown in the Identify Results window.

The Identify tool can be accessed by right-clicking a layer in the table of contents and clicking Identify or by right-clicking the results in the Find dialog box. You can also click the Tools menu, point to Data, then click Identify.
Identify shows the location where you click. Location will show the feature location if you click the layer in the Identify tree. The x,y location is the inside centroid for polygons, the midpoint for lines, and the actual location for points.
To identify multiple features at once, drag a box around the features you want to identify.
A lightning bolt appearing next to an attribute indicates that the field has a hyperlink. Click the attribute to see the link.

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Published 6/8/2010