About viewing a map in data view and layout view

ArcReader provides two different ways to view a two-dimensional map: data view and layout view. Each view allows you to look at and interact with the map in a specific way.

When you want to browse geographic data on your map, choose data view. Data view displays the contents of a data frame. A data frame can be thought of as a container that holds a map's data.

A map can have one or more data frames. Data view only shows one data frame at a time. The displayed data frame is referred to as the active data frame. In data view, map elements on the layout, such as titles, north arrows, and scale bars, are hidden.

When you want to see the entire map page, use layout view. In layout view, you'll see a virtual page showing all the map elements and data frames.

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A published map that contains 3D globe content does not have data frames or a layout view.

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Published 6/8/2010