About data frames and layers

A data frame is a frame on a map with two-dimensional content that displays layers in the same geographic area. A map may have one or more data frames. For instance, one data frame might highlight a detailed road network, while another might provide an overview of where the detailed road network is within a larger geographic area.

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Data frames and layers are listed in the table of contents. The layers listed under a data frame in the table of contents are contained within the data frame on the map. The layer order set by the publisher cannot be changed. Only one data frame can be viewed at a time in data view. The data frame name appears in bold text in the table of contents when the data frame is active.

All data frames in a map are visible in layout view. Layout view shows all the data frames as they appear on a page. The active data frame is highlighted with a hatched border.


Published maps that contain 3D globe content do not have data frames.

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Published 6/8/2010