About starting ArcReader

Starting ArcReader is the first step to exploring a published map. However, before you can start, ArcReader must be installed on your computer.

Once the software is installed, you can access ArcReader from the Start button on the Windows taskbar. Each ArcReader session can display one map at a time. You can work with several maps by starting additional ArcReader sessions.

You can also start ArcReader from the command line. The parameters you use are described in the following table:



ArcReader /? | help

Lists the usage for the command line

ArcReader /v | version

Displays the ArcReader version number

ArcReader /last

Starts ArcReader with the last used map

Starting ArcReader from the command line

The following table lists parameters that can be combined and must be specified with a published map:



ArcReader /p <.pmf>

Prints the specified published map

ArcReader /bookmark <value> <.pmf>

Opens the published map to a bookmark

ArcReader /loadsettings <.art> <.pmf>

Opens the published map with settings from a specific ArcReader template

ArcReader <.pmf>

Opens the specified map in ArcReader

Opening and printing maps from the command line in ArcReader

For more detailed examples, use ArcReader /? and click the Help button.

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Published 6/8/2010