An overview of the Math toolset

The Math toolset contains tools that perform mathematical operations on rasters.

The tools are grouped into four main categories:

The following table lists the available Math toolsets and provides a brief description of each.



General Math toolset

The General Math tools apply a mathematical function to the input. These tools fall into several categories. The arithmetic tools perform basic mathematical operations, such as addition and multiplication. There are tools that perform various types of exponentiation operations, which includes exponentials and logarithms in addition to the basic power operations. The remaining tools are used either for sign conversion or for conversion between integer and floating point data types.

Logical Math toolset

The Logical Math tools evaluate the values of the inputs and determine the output values based on Boolean logic. The tools are grouped into four main categories: Boolean, Combinatorial, Logical, and Relational.

Trigonometric Math toolset

Trigonometric Math tools perform various trigonometric calculations on the values in an input raster.

Bitwise Math toolset

The bitwise math tools compute on the binary representation of the input values.

The Math toolsets

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