Creating and deleting raster attribute tables with geoprocessing tools

By building a raster attribute table, you can maintain this table's attribute information with this classified raster dataset as well as define additional fields to be stored in it. For example, there may be specific codes associated with those classes or further descriptions of what those classes represent. You might also want to perform calculations on the information in the table. For example, you might want to keep records of the total area represented by those classes by calculating the number of cells multiplied by the area each cell represents. You can also join the raster attribute table to other tables.

To create a raster attribute table, use the Build Raster Attribute Table tool. This tool will create a new raster attribute table if one does not exist, overwrite an existing attribute table if it does exist, or update the one that exists.

To delete a raster attribute table, use the Delete Raster Attribute Table tool.

You may join tables to raster attribute tables using the Add Join tool.

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