Setting the statistics settings for the geoprocessing environment

  1. Click Geoprocessing on the Main menu of the application you are using and click Environments.
  2. Click Raster Storage.
  3. The Calculate statistics check box is checked by default. If you previously unchecked it, check it.
  4. Type a value for the skip factor in the x and y direction.

    If, for instance, you type a value of 2 for both, every other pixel will be skipped while calculating statistics. A skip factor of 1,1 ensures full, accurate statistics.

  5. If there are values in the raster that you want to ignore while calculating statistics for the raster, type their values, separated by a semicolon (;).

    These values are frequently background values, which often have a value of 0. Eliminating such a value can result in a more accurate, and perhaps more representative, calculation of statistics. If you have specified a specific pixel value as NoData, you will not be able to specify it as an ignore value.

  6. Click OK to close the Environment Settings dialog box.