Calculating statistics using geoprocessing tools

There are several geoprocessing tools that allow you to calculate statistics for raster datasets. You can even chain them together with other tools in models or create a Python script.

Calculating statistics for mosaic datasets is slightly different than for raster catalogs. There are two different statistical calculations made in mosaic datasets. As with raster catalogs, you can use the Build Pyramids And Statistics tool to calculate the statistics for each source raster dataset. The difference is mosaic datasets have overviews and display as a mosaicked image, whereas raster catalogs do not. You can use the Calculate Statistics tool to calculate the statistics for the mosaicked image. When you calculate statistics for a mosaic dataset, the base pixels are examined; that is, the source raster datasets with the lowest pixel sizes are examined and the statistics are generated across the entire mosaic. Because this can entail a very large image, it is recommended you use a skip factor, such as 100.

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