How Resolve Building Conflicts works

The Resolve Building Conflicts tool resolves symbol conflicts among buildings and with respect to linear barrier features by moving or hiding buildings so that they do not graphically overlap or violate spacing requirements defined by a cartographic specification.

Data preparation considerations

The Resolve Building Conflicts tool improves the display of a collection of buildings by adjusting the position, orientation, size, and visibility of buildings. The representative pattern and distribution is maintained. Graphic conflicts between buildings and between buildings and barrier features like roads are resolved. Small polygon buildings are also enlarged to a minimum size to meet a specification.

This tool operates by assessing graphic conflicts of symbolized features. The symbology extent and the reference scale are considered in conjunction with one another. Run this tool only after you have finalized the appearance of your symbols, and ensure that the reference scale corresponds to the final intended output scale.

Take note of the following input data requirements and suggestions:

Workflow considerations

This tool is generally most effective when used in conjunction with other generalization and graphic conflict resolution tools. Here are some tips to help you use these tools together with other layers and other tools in a workflow:

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