An overview of the Cartography toolbox

The tools in the Cartography toolbox are designed to produce and refine data to support the production of maps. This includes the creation of annotation and masks, the simplification of features and reduction of their density, the refinement and management of symbolized features, the creation of grids and graticules, and the management of data-driven pages for layout.



An overview of the Annotation toolset

The Annotation toolset contains a collection of tools that allow you to automate your annotation workflow.

An overview of the Cartographic Refinement toolset

Contains tools to enrich representation symbology by adjusting the alignment and arrangement of symbols and creating bridge and tunnel features

An overview of the Data Driven Pages toolset

Contains tools that create and prepare an index layer for use in data driven pages. The features of an index layer are used to define the extents of multiple pages. One page of output is generated for each feature extent.

An overview of the Generalization toolset

Contains tools that simplify or refine features for display at smaller scales.

An overview of the Graphic Conflicts toolset

Contains tools to detect and resolve graphic conflicts among symbolized features

An overview of the Grids and Graticules toolset

Contains tools to manage and maintain grids and graticules layers

An overview of the Masking toolset

Contains tools to create masks to enhance cartographic display by obscuring conflicting feature symbology

An overview of the Representation Management tools

Contains tools to manage feature class representations and representation overrides

Cartography toolbox