Creating a table that contains an ST_PixelData column

To create an ST_PixelData column, include a column of type ST_PixelData in the CREATE TABLE statement.

  1. Execute a CREATE TABLE statement and include a column that is defined as the ST_PixelData type.

    The following statements create a table called pixels with an ST_PixelData column, pdata.


    The ST_PixelData type is prefaced with the schema name of the ArcSDE administrator, which is where the constructor function is stored. For Oracle and PostgreSQL, this is sde. For SQL Server, it can be sde or dbo.


    CREATE TABLE pixels (pdata sde.ST_PixelData, row_id number(38));


    CREATE TABLE pixels (pdata sde.ST_PixelData, row_id integer);

    SQL Server

    CREATE TABLE pixels (pdata dbo.ST_PixelData, row_id int);

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