Initializing an ST_Raster column

Before raster data can be inserted into a column of type ST_Raster, it must be initialized. Initializing the ST_Raster creates the two required raster storage tables, SDE_AUX_<N> and SDE_BLK_<N>, and the INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE triggers. The SDE_AUX_<N> is the raster auxiliary table, which stores the auxiliary band metadata such as the raster statistics, geodatabase metadata, and coordinate transformation polynomials. The SDE_BLK_<N> is the raster blocks table, which stores the raster pixel data for both the base and pyramid levels for each band.

  1. Use the initialize procedure of the ST_Raster_Util package to initialize the ST_Raster column. Use the syntax appropriate to your database management system.


    BEGIN SDE.ST_RASTER_UTIL.INITIALIZE ('urban_area','raster',4326,'defaults'); 
    END; /


    SELECT st_raster_util_initialize ('urban_area','raster',4326,'DEFAULTS');

    SQL Server

    EXEC ST_Raster_Util_Initialize 'sde','bobby','urban_area','raster',4326,NULL,'DEFAULTS'

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