Registering a layer with the geodatabase

If you need a spatial table to participate in geodatabase functionality, such as relationship classes, topology, geometric networks, parcel fabrics, terrains, or schemas, or have subtypes, default values, domains, or validation rules, it must be registered with the geodatabase in addition to being registered with ArcSDE.

Registering a spatial table with the geodatabase adds an ObjectID field to the table. This field will be called ObjectID. If an ObjectID field already exists in the table, a field named ID is added instead. The data type of this ID field is ObjectID.

Registering the spatial table with the geodatabase also adds a record to the GDB_ITEMS and GDB_ITEMRELATIONSHIPS system tables.

You can register the comm_bldgs layer, which you already registered with ArcSDE in Example: Registering a table containing an ST_Geometry column with ArcSDE, with the geodatabase in ArcGIS Desktop as follows:

  1. Start ArcCatalog or start ArcMap and open the Catalog window.
  2. Connect to the ArcSDE geodatabase in which the comm_bldgs table has been registered with ArcSDE.

    ArcSDE geodatabase connections are created under the Database Connections node in the Catalog tree. Be sure you connect as the owner of the table.

  3. Right-click the comm_bldgs table.
  4. Click Register with Geodatabase.

Comm_bldgs is now a feature class registered with the geodatabase.

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