Deleting TIN Nodes interactively

Two tools exist to delete nodes from a TIN surface: Delete TIN Node and Delete TIN Nodes By Area.

Delete TIN node tools

Use the Delete TIN Node Delete TIN Node interactive tool to remove nodes from a TIN. Click on a node to remove it.

Use the Delete TIN Nodes By Area Delete TIN Nodes By Area interactive tool to remove nodes within a digitized polygon. To delete the nodes within an area select the location on the TIN surface where the polygon will start; the first vertex is digitized on the surface. Continue to add each vertex to the polygon by a single click in the desired locations. Double-click to finish entering a new polygon. The nodes within the polygon will be removed from the triangulation.

  1. Click the TIN Editing drop-down menu and choose Start Editing TIN.
  2. Click either the Delete TIN Node or Delete TIN Nodes By Area tool from the TIN Editing toolbar.
  3. Interactively select the individual nodes or a polygon boundary of nodes to delete from the TIN surface.

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Published 6/7/2010