Editing features of a TIN using geoprocessing tools

You can edit a TIN surface using the Edit TIN geoprocessing tool. Editing a TIN using geoprocessing allows you to either update existing feature classes or add new features to an existing TIN.

For more information on the Edit TIN tool, see How Edit TIN (3D Analyst) works.

  1. Open the Edit TIN geoprocessing tool from the 3D Analyst toolbox.
  2. Browse to the input TIN.
  3. Choose the input feature class with which you want to edit the TIN.
  4. Choose a height field, if applicable, for each input feature.
  5. Choose a surface feature type (SF_type) for each input feature.
  6. Optionally, choose a tag value field for each input feature.
  7. Optionally, choose Constrained Delaunay if you want the TIN to use this type of triangulation.
  8. Click OK.

Published 6/7/2010