Terrain dataset properties in ArcCatalog or in the Catalog window

The terrain dataset's layer properties in ArcCatalog or the Catalog window provides in-depth information about a terrain dataset and how it was generated.

To access terrain dataset properties in either ArcCatalog or the Catalog window, right-click the terrain dataset in the table of contents and click Properties.

General tab

The General tab of the terrain Layer Properties dialog box provides general, status, and extent information of the terrain dataset as depicted in the image below.

General information

  • Name
  • Tile SizeDetermined based on the provided average point spacing
  • Tile Count
  • Data Source CountNumber of contributing feature classes
  • Pyramid TypeWindow size parameters (point selection method, secondary thinning method, and secondary thinning threshold) displayed here if a terrain was built using window size
  • Number of pyramid levels
  • Total point count

Status information

The Status section states whether the terrain dataset is up-to-date. If a rebuild is required, it is listed in this section. A rebuild would be required, for example, if any source measurements in contributing feature classes have been edited.

Extent information

The minimum and maximum x-, y-, and z-extents for the terrain dataset.

Terrain dataset properties - General tab

Data Sources tab

The Data Sources tab on the Terrain Properties dialog box provides detailed information for each contributing feature class of the terrain dataset. Each feature class is listed along with terrain dataset properties set for each feature class.

Terrain Dataset Properties - Data Source Tab

Pyramid Levels tab

The Pyramid Levels tab displays each pyramid level for the terrain dataset. The pyramid type resolution and scale thresholds associated with each pyramid level are also displayed.

Terrain dataset Properties - Pyramid Levels Tab

Resolution Bounds tab

The Resolution Bounds tab lists the contributing terrain dataset feature classes and their associated minimum and maximum pyramid level resolution bounds.

Terrain dataset Properties - Resolution Bounds Tab

Update Tab

The Update tab lists contributing terrain dataset feature classes where edits have occurred to their source measurements. The properties of the feature class will be described, as well as the number of tiles that need to be updated. The Build Terrain button can be clicked to rebuild and update the terrain dataset for any edits.

Terrain Dataset Properties - Update Tab

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