Viewing statistics for a table

When exploring a table, you can get statistics describing the values in numeric columns. You'll see how many values the column has, as well as the sum, minimum, mean, maximum, and standard deviation of those values. A histogram is also provided showing how the column's values are distributed. Statistics are calculated for all numeric columns in the table. To see a description of another column's values, click its name in the Field list.

Example statistics for country populations
  1. Right-click the heading of a field that contains numeric data and click Statistics.

    On the Statistics dialog box, you'll see information about the values in the field whose heading you clicked.

  2. If you want to see statistics for another numeric field, click the Field arrow and click the field's name.
  3. Click the Close button when you are finished exploring statistics.

You can right-click the statistics and click Copy to copy them from the window and be able to paste them in an e-mail, on the layout, and so on.

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