Removing records from the selected set in Show Selected Records view

There are various ways to refine a selection set in ArcMap. You can add to a selection set or you can remove records from it. Either way is a means for honing in on a specific set of records for analysis. It is sometimes easier to refine a selection set in the Show Selected Records view of the table where you can work with selected and highlighted records.

  1. In the Show Selected Records view, right-click a record and click Unselect to remove that record from the selection.
  2. To remove the highlighted records (those displayed in yellow, by default), right-click and click Unselect Highlighted, or press BACKSPACE.
  3. To select only the highlighted records and deselect all the other records, right-click and click Reselect Highlighted.
Reselect Highlighted enables you to refine the selected set by limiting it to the records you have highlighted—similar to the RESELECT command in the ArcInfo Workstation environment.