Interactively selecting records in a table

There are various ways to select features in ArcMap. One way is to select features through an attribute table. From a table, you can interactively select records by pointing at them, or you can select those records that meet some criteria, for example, find all cities with a population greater than one million.

  1. Right-click the table or layer in the table of contents and choose Open Attribute Table.
  2. Click the leftmost box in the table adjacent to the record you want to select. To select consecutive records, you can click and drag the mouse.
  3. Press and hold the CTRL key while clicking additional records.
  4. You can also select a range of records in a table by clicking the first record in the desired range and holding down the SHIFT key while clicking the last record in the range. This is in addition to the ability to click a record to select it and drag up or down to select a range of records.

When you are viewing a table in Show All mode, you can use the Select/Unselect command in the record shortcut menu to add a record to the selected set, or remove it from it, without holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key.


There are several keyboard shortcuts for working with selections in the table. You can use the SPACEBAR to select or unselect records. You can also use CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to select the next or previous record and unselect the current record.

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