Finding records with particular values in the Table window

The ability to find information quickly is very important when working with attribute information. You could be looking for a value that you know exists within a large dataset or simply exploring your attribute data to see what information is available. In either case, the Find and Replace dialog box allows you to do that from the attribute table.

To replace the text you find, you must be working in ArcMap and be in an edit session.

To find records based on a value in the attribute table, follow these steps:

  1. To find text in a specific field, click the heading of the field that contains the text for which you want to search in the Table window. To search in all fields, skip to the next step.
  2. Click Table Options and click Find & Replace (or click Find in ArcCatalog).
  3. Type the text you want to find in the Find what text box.


    To match the capitalization of the text you type, check Match Case on the Find and Replace dialog box.

  4. Click the Text Match drop-down arrow and click the type of search you want.
  5. Click the Search drop-down arrow and click the direction you want to search.
  6. To find text in any field in the table, uncheck Search Only Selected Field(s).

    To constrain the search to specific fields, check Search Only Selected Field(s).

  7. Click Find Next.

    The first record found containing your text is outlined.

  8. Click Find Next again if you want to find another record containing the same text.
  9. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.

If you are previewing the table in ArcCatalog, you will only be able to find text.

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