Using the Fields tab

Each field, or column, in an attribute table has properties that describe its contents and how the data in it should be displayed. You can view and, in some cases, edit the field properties on the Fields tab of the Layer Properties and Table Properties dialog boxes. The settings on the Fields tab are used to determine how attributes will be shown in ArcMap, including in the attribute table window, in the Identify window, and when editing in the Attributes window.

The Fields tab settings also apply to fields that are appended in a join, although you are only able to edit the joined fields when they are accessed from the origin table.

  1. If the field is in a layer's attribute table, right-click the layer in the table of contents and click Properties.
  2. If the field is in a table without features, click the List by Source button in the table of contents, right-click the layer in the table, then click Properties.
  3. Click the Fields tab.
  4. The Fields tab allows you to set the following options:

    Show or hide a field

    Check or uncheck the box next to a field.

    Show or hide multiple fields

    Click the Turn all fields on or off button, hold down CTRL and click a check box, or press CTRL+SPACEBAR when a field is highlighted in the list.

    Reorder fields

    Click the field in the list and drag it; click the arrow buttons to move it up or down the list.

    Move a field to the very top or bottom of the list

    Click the drop-down arrow next to the arrow buttons and click Move To Top or Move To Bottom.

    Sort fields, restore the original sort order, and specify whether field names or aliases are shown

    Click the Options menu.

    Set a field alias

    Click the field in the list and type the alias on the right side.

    Turn on highlighting for a field

    Click the field in the list, click the Highlight property, then click Yes.

    Make a field read-only

    Click the field in the list, click the Read-Only property, then click Yes.

    Set formatting for a numeric field

    Click the field in the list, click the Number Format property, then click the ellipsis button.

    View the ArcGIS system properties for a field

    Click the field in the list, look in the Field Details section, then click through the properties listed. A description appears at the bottom of the panel.

  5. Click OK.