Changing the width of columns in a table

When working with an attribute table, you can resize the height and width of columns and rows. This is useful when working with long text entries for a particular field. To adjust the height of a row or column header, you can drag the column dividers between fields left and right to change their width. Or you can define a specific width by clicking the Table Options button Table Options on the Table window and clicking Appearance.

You can also automatically reset the column widths to undo changes you made. The Restore Default Column Widths command in the Table Options menu resets all the columns to their default widths. This also reveals any fields that are completely hidden because their column has been dragged to have no width. The Restore Default Column Widths command doesn't reset the field order, so if you have dragged fields around in the Table window, this reordering is preserved when you use the command.

To adjust the width of a column, follow these steps:

  1. Position the pointer at the edge of the column you want to resize.

    The pointer's icon changes.

  2. Click and drag the column's edge to the desired width.

    A black line indicates where the edge of the column will be located.

  3. Drop the edge of the column.

    The column is resized.