Setting field aliases in tables

Setting a field alias is one way to make your tabular data easier to work with. It is common to find database field names abbreviated or in a coded syntax. Database field names also have to follow naming convention guidelines, which can restrict the use of numbers, spaces, and special characters. Field aliases do not need to abide by these strict rules and allow you to set the name of a field to be easily understood.

  1. Right-click the table or layer in the table of contents and choose Open Attribute Table.
  2. Right-click a field heading and click Properties.
  3. Type an alias.
  4. Click OK.

    A new layer is added to the map.


Press CTRL+right-click a field name or use CTRL+SHIFT+N to switch between showing field names and field aliases in a table. You can also toggle by clicking the Table Options menu and clicking Show Field Aliases.

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