Setting whether fields are visible in a table

It is always helpful to tailor the way your data is displayed and organized to best suit the needs of your current analysis. One way to simplify working with a table or layer is to only display the fields that are relevant for your current task.

  1. Open the table.
  2. Right-click the field heading and click Turn Field Off.

    Another quick way of turning off a field from the Table window is to hold down the CTRL key and double-click the field heading. To turn all the fields on again, choose the Turn All Fields On command from the Table Options menu.


You can open the Layer Properties or Table Properties dialog box and use the Fields tab to set field visibility.


To toggle visibility for all fields from the Fields tab, hold down the CTRL key when you click the check box next to any field, or press CTRL+SPACEBAR if a field is currently selected (highlighted) in the list.

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