Accessing related records

Unlike joining tables, relating tables simply defines a relationship between two tables. The associated data isn't appended to the layer's attribute table like it is with a join. Instead, you can access the related data when you work with the layer's attributes.

Once you define a relate, you can access the related records from either table participating in the relationship. You must set up a relationship before you can access related records.

Learn about relating the attributes in one table to another

If your map contains layers from a geodatabase that participates in relationship classes, those relationship classes are listed automatically along with any relates you define.

  1. Open the attribute table for which you've set up a relate.
  2. Select the records in the table for which you want to display related records.
  3. Click the Related Tables button Related Tables and click the name of the relate you want to access.

    The related table is displayed with the related records selected.

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