Selecting features using a date field

Using a SQL query, you can select individual or multiple records using the Select By Attributes dialog box. You can build queries for date fields, numeric fields, and string fields.

To make a selection by querying a dataset based on a date value, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Selection menu and click Select By Attributes.
  2. Click the Layer arrow and click the layer containing the features you want to select.
  3. Click the Method arrow and click a selection method.
  4. Choose the field containing the date values to query against in the field list.
  5. Choose an operator by clicking one of the buttons.
  6. Click the Get Unique Values button to populate the Values list.

    A data-dependent syntax is required for querying dates. ArcMap automatically writes the proper syntax for you when you double-click a row in the Values list. Refer to the SQL reference for a description of the different syntax and the specifications of querying dates.

  7. Click Apply.

    The status bar at the bottom of the ArcMap window tells you the number of features selected.

  8. Click Close.