Adding new records to a table

Use the steps in this procedure to add new records to tables that don't have associated geographic features. If you want to add features to your shapefile or geodatabase feature class, use the Create New Feature task on the Editor toolbar.

  1. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar and click Start Editing.
  2. Right-click the table or layer in the table of contents and choose Open Attribute Table.
  3. Click the Move To End Of Table button Move to End of Table.

    You can navigate the cells in a table by pressing the TAB or arrow keys on your keyboard.

  4. Click a cell in the last empty record and type a new value.

    To undo any edit to a table, click the Undo button Undo. You can undo any edits you've made within the current edit session.

    A new record is added at the bottom of the table.

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