Editing features with z-values in feature services

By default, the features with z-values exposed through a feature service cannot be edited. However, this functionality can be enabled in the service's properties once a service has been created. When you enable editing features with z-values in the feature service you also need to provide a default z value that will be applied to any features inserted or updated through the feature service with the SOAP and REST endpoints. If you are editing a feature service in ArcMap with the local editing commands the z-values can be set using the Sketch Properties tool Sketch Properties on the Editor toolbar.

The following steps describe how to enable editing of features with z-values through a feature service:

  1. Click Manage Services on the Services tab in ArcGIS Server Manager.
  2. Click the Services in drop-down arrow and navigate to the service folder containing your published service.
  3. Your service may be listed with its status as Started. To change settings on your service, the service must be stopped. If the status is shown as Started, check the check box beside your service and click the Stop button.
  4. Click the Edit icon to open the Feature Service Properties dialog box.
  5. Click the Capabilities tab on the Feature Service Properties dialog box.
  6. Click the Feature Access option (the name, not the check box) under the Select and configure capabilities window. This displays the feature service properties.
  7. Check the Apply default to features with z-values check box.
  8. Enter a default z-value that will be applied to all inserted and edited features that have z-values in the feature service.
  9. Click the Save and Restart button to apply the changes to the service.
  10. In the ArcGIS Server Services Directory, clear the REST cache. For full instructions, see Clear Cache in the ArcGIS Server REST API documentation.