Using (consuming) an image service

You can access an image service the same way you would any other service by first connecting to GIS Server, then choosing the image service that is available.

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Layer properties for raster dataset sources

The image service layer has properties, similar to any other layer in ArcGIS. Like a raster dataset layer's properties dialog box, the Image Service Layer Properties dialog box contains the General, Source, Extent, Display, and Symbology tabs. The General, Source, Extent, and Display tabs are similar to the raster dataset layer and other layers; however, the Display tab has an additional option to control the compression of the transmitted image service. This transmission compression can be preset in an image service definition; however, the user always has the ability to change this. A highly compressed image is transmitted faster than an uncompressed image, but the image quality may not be as good. The Symbology tab is similar to the raster dataset layer; however, the user only has the option to change the renderer to either the RGB or Stretched renderer. Here the user can change the renderer, change the stretch applied to the histogram, and alter the background color and NoData representation.

Additional layer properties for the ArcGIS Image Server source

When the image service is created from a mosaic dataset (not a single raster dataset), additional layer properties are presented on several other tabs, including the Mosaic, Selection, Fields, Definition Query, Status, and Time tabs.