Setting the page properties

When creating a Web application in Manager, you can choose title text, color scheme, and links that appear on the top banner.

  1. Navigate to the Page Properties panel or tab of Manager, either while creating a new Web application or editing the properties of an existing one. If you're creating a Web application, this panel does not have a title, but is a part of the wizard.
  2. Type the title text for your application. This is the text that users will see on the top banner of the application. This text will also appear in the Web browser's title bar.
  3. Choose one of the predefined themes for your application.
  4. Choose which links you want to appear on the top banner of the application. If you want to add your own link, click Add link and type a name and the complete URL of the site you want to link to.
  5. When you've finished setting the page properties, click Next to view the panel for enabling and configuring map elements.

For further information about how you can configure the look of your Web application outside of Manager, see the topic "Customizing the Web Mapping Application" in the ArcGIS Server .NET Developer Help.

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