Task result settings

When configuring tasks in Manager, you have the option to click Task Result Settings, which reveals additional options about how task results will be displayed on the map. At the current release of ArcGIS Server, there is only one setting (Zoom to Point Factor), which is described below.

Zoom to Point Factor

The Zoom to Point Factor setting is used with tasks that return a single point result, such as some geocode or query operations. All tasks allow you to right-click and zoom in on the result. When your results are polygons, polylines, or multipoints, the map zooms in to the bounding rectangle of all results. When your result is a single point, the Zoom to Point Factor is used to determine how far the map zooms in.

The Zoom to Point Factor should be a single positive number greater than 1. The map height and width are divided by the Zoom to Point Factor to determine the extent of the map once zoomed in. For example, if your map width is 10,000 units, a Zoom to Point Factor of 20 will result in a map width of 500 units after zooming to a point result.

The default Zoom to Point Factor is 20. You may need to do some user testing to arrive at the best Zoom to Point Factor for your map. The ideal value depends on the amount of available data you have at large scales and the most common scales at which people will launch your tasks.