Adding Bing Maps to a Web application in Manager

These steps explain how to add Bing Maps as a layer in your Web application that you build with Manager.

  1. In Manager's layer selection panel, click Add Layer.
  2. If you see a connection to Bing Maps, double-click that and go on to the next step. Otherwise, click Add GIS Server and choose Bing Maps as the type. Enter your Bing Maps key and click Add.
  3. Choose the map that you want and click Add. You can choose the Roads map; Aerial, which contains just imagery; or Aerial with labels containing imagery with placenames, boundaries, and roads.
  4. In the Current Layers list, click the layer name. This opens the Layer Properties dialog box.
  5. Choose the appropriate label culture for the Web map audience. Available languages for maps include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

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