Introduction to creating Web applications with Manager

ArcGIS Server Manager allows you to create and edit Web mapping applications that showcase the geographic information running on your server. The Manager application-building interface is intended for people with little or no Web development experience.

Through Manager, you build your Web application and tailor it to the needs of the people who will use it. Manager lets you choose the data you want to show, select map elements such as north arrows and scale bars, select tools for working with your application, and configure the map layout.

The Web application that you create in Manager can be opened and edited in Visual Studio for further customization. By default, applications are created in C#. If you want your applications to be created in Visual Basic, you can change the language using the Settings link on the Applications tab.

Manager has a wizardlike interface that walks you through the process of creating a Web application. The help topics in this section explain each stage of creating a Web application in Manager. If you want a brief introduction to the process of building a simple application, see Tutorial: Creating a Web application. Otherwise, read on for more detailed instructions.

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