Allocation of server resources to creating a globe cache

When you create a cache, you can indicate the number of globe service instances that you want to work on the cache. The more instances you choose, the more server resources will be dedicated to building the cache, and the faster the cache will generate. As you increase the number of instances, you will reach a point where you are utilizing the full power of your server, and you will not gain any performance benefit until you add more server object container (SOC) computing power to your system.

You cannot dedicate a higher number of instances to caching than you have allowed in the Maximum number of instances property for the service. The default maximum number of instances for a service is 2, so you will need to raise this value on the Service Properties dialog box if you want to fully use your server's resources for cache creation. You can set the maximum number of instances on the Pooling tab.

Setting the maximum number of instances allowed in the Pooling tab