Available globe cache properties

Before you deploy a globe cache, use the Caching tab of the Service Properties dialog box to review the options you've set for your cache. See Accessing globe cache properties to learn how to get to the Caching tab. The following options are available:

The server cache directory

Here, you can change the default server cache directory that was selected when you created the globe service. To learn more about the server cache directory, see How globe caches work.

Creating tiles on demand

Tiles are always created when users navigate the globe, so the option to create tiles on demand is always enabled. For elevation layers, you cannot rely on users navigating the globe to create the cache; you must create the full cache using the globe cache generation tools.

Allowing clients to cache tiles locally

Finally, you have the option to allow clients to cache tiles locally. When users navigate your globe service, by default, the tiles are stored on their local machines. This can improve performance if they tend to navigate the same areas. However, once you update your globe cache, their tiles will be outdated, and they will explicitly need to clear their local caches before they can see the changes. If you update your globe cache frequently, consider not allowing users to cache tiles locally.