Creating a KML network link from a map service

Follow these steps to create a new KML network link. You must have a running map service with the KML capability enabled.

  1. Click the Services tab in Manager.
  2. Click KML Network Links.
  3. Click Create Network Link.
  4. Specify the name of your link. The name will be embedded in the Name tag in the file and will be used as the file name. Optionally, you can provide a short and long description. The long description allows embedded HTML tags and URLs.

    When you've finished typing names and descriptions, click Next.

  5. Choose the map service for which you want to create a network link. Map services for which you have disabled the KML capability are not available.
  6. Check the layers from the service that you want to include in your network link. By default, all layers are checked.
  7. Specify how the layers should draw. The first two options will return rasterized representations of your vector features. The third option will return the actual vectors. Once you've finished setting this property, click Next.
  8. Set the Refresh, View, and Hostname options according to the way you want the network link to behave. The default options are sufficient for many network links.
  9. Optionally, use Google Earth to edit the link, enhance its properties, or embed it within a new link. You can save the enhanced link as KMZ, then use the steps below to publish it back to your server.

If you do not set the refresh interval to On Request or After camera stops, data will not be retrieved when the network link is first added to Google Earth.

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