Guide to the geoprocessing service examples

Complexity: Beginner Data Requirement: ArcGIS Tutorial Data Setup

Each topic in this book describes an example geoprocessing service. These example services were carefully chosen to demonstrate the following:

Each topic has a corresponding folder

Each topic in this book has a corresponding folder that contains data, toolboxes, and map documents of the completed example. These folders are in the GP Service Examples folder found in the ArcTutor directory that is installed with the ArcGIS tutorial data. The tutorial data is available on the ArcGIS installation media. If the tutorial data has been installed on your system, look for it in C:\arcgis\ArcTutor (the default installation location).

At the top of the page of each topic, you will find the name of the corresponding folder.

Typically, you should copy the corresponding folder from the ArcTutor directory to another folder before making changes or publishing the services.

Types of examples

There are two types of example topics in this book, distinguished by their titles:


While authoring Geoprocessing Services in ArcMap it is advised to disable background processing.

Learn more about background processing



Buffer points (step by step)

A simple model to buffer point features

Buffer features

Expands the above service to buffer line and polygon features

Watershed (step by step)

Creates a watershed polygon from input points

Stream network

Produces a stream network for cartographic display

More stream network

Expands the above service by allowing the user to download existing stream networks

Clip and ship

Extracts data based on area of interest polygons, creates a file geodatabase of the extracted features, compresses the geodatabase into a .zip file, and optionally e-mails the .zip file to the user

Data on demand

Much like the above example, but makes extensive use of scripting

Selecting data

Shows a variety of ways to select data by attribute and location

Drivetime polygons

Creates polygons based on drive time around points

Shortest route on a street network

Finds the shortest route on a street network

Finding nearby features over a street network

Finds features closest to a given location based on shortest route on a street network

Quick guide to the examples

Examples use the toolshare folder structure

All corresponding folders use the toolshare folder structure, illustrated below and described in the Sharing tools and toolboxes book. You are not required to use this folder structure for your services; it is provided only as a guideline.

Toolshare folder structure

Server configuration for all examples


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