About the ArcGIS Network Analyst tutorial

The ArcGIS Network Analyst extension allows you to build a network dataset and perform analyses on a network dataset. The best way to learn Network Analyst is to use it. In the exercises in this tutorial, you will do the following:

To use this tutorial, you need to have ArcGIS installed with the Network Analyst extension and have the tutorial data installed on a local or shared network drive on your system.

Tutorial data

The tutorial data is installed with the ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 Tutorial Data media, not with ArcGIS Desktop. The default installation path for the tutorial data is C:\ArcGIS\ArcTutor\Network Analyst\Tutorial. If you don't find the data there, you may need to talk to your system administrator to find it, or you may need to install it. U.S. customers who don't already have the ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 Tutorial Data media can download it from the Esri Customer Care Portal, those outside the U.S. need to contact their local Esri distributor.

In this tutorial