Network analysis with parameterized attributes

You can perform a network analysis that uses a parameterized attribute while computing the solution.

The first step to performing a network analysis using a parameterized attribute is to have a network dataset with a parameterized attribute.

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What are parameterized attributes?

A parameterized attribute is a type of attribute that evaluates or obtains its value from a parameter.

The value of a parameter can be altered to make the parameterized attribute change the way it functions. For example, a height restriction on a tunnel can be set up to use a parameter. The evaluator used with this height restriction can be set to return true, or restricted, if the vehicle height is more than the tunnel height. So in essence, shorter vehicles can pass through the tunnel, but taller vehicles can't. The value of the vehicle height can be modified during analysis by changing its value on the Layer Properties dialog box.

Changing the value of vehicle height

Performing a network analysis in ArcMap using a parameterized attribute

You can apply the following workflow to use parameterized attributes in any network analysis. Ensure that you have an analysis layer and all required network analysis objects for your analysis.

  1. On the Network Analyst window, double-click the analysis layer to view its properties.
  2. Click the Analysis Settings tab.
  3. Set the parameterized attributes to be used in the analysis. For example, change the impedance to read a scaled cost attribute, or choose a Height restriction, both of which use parameters.
    Using parameterized attributes in a network analysis.
  4. Click the Attribute Parameters tab.
  5. If you need to adjust any of the parameter values for that attribute, click in the Values column for the attribute and parameter combination and update its value. For example, set the vehicle height parameter of the Height attribute to 13.5 feet.
  6. Click OK to save these settings.
  7. On the Network Analyst toolbar, click the Solve button Solve to generate results that use this parameterized attribute.

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