Solving a network analysis with hierarchy

You can apply the workflow described in this topic to use hierarchy in the following analysis layers:

Service Area analysis doesn't support hierarchical solves.

To use hierarchy, ensure that you have an analysis layer and all required network locations for your analysis, and follow these steps:

  1. On the Network Analyst window, double-click the analysis layer to view its properties.
  2. Click the Analysis Settings tab.
  3. Set the parameters to be used in the analysis.
  4. Check the Use Hierarchy check box to perform a hierarchical network analysis.

    The solver uses the hierarchy ranges that are set at solve time. If you need to adjust the ranges that define the hierarchy attribute, see Modifying network attributes. However, keep in mind that if your network dataset is read-only, you won't be able to change the hierarchy ranges.

  5. Click OK to save these settings.
  6. On the Network Analyst toolbar, click the Solve button Solve to generate results that use hierarchy.

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