Recalculating location fields

You may want network locations that are already part of a network analysis layer to respect new options and layer settings. For example, you might load network locations and later realize they were located on nontraversable network elements, which will cause them to be omitted from the analysis. To resolve this problem, you can choose an option to not locate on restricted portions of the network, then recalculate location fields so that the network locations are relocated on traversable edges. The steps below show you how to use the Recalculate Location Fields command.


To access the property for locating only on traversable elements, open the Layer Properties dialog box for the analysis layer, click the Network Locations tab, then check Exclude restricted portions of the network.

  1. Select the network locations you want to recalculate location fields for.

    There are several methods of selecting locations; the following list mentions a few:

    • Click the network locations in the Network Analyst window while holding the CTRL or SHIFT keys.
    • Click the Select/Move Network Locations Tool Select/Move Network Locations Tool on the Network Analyst toolbar or the Select Features tool Select Features on the Tools toolbar and interactively select the network locations on the map.
    • Use the Select by Attributes dialog box. (Click Selection > Select By Attributes.)

  2. In the Network Analyst window, right-click the network analysis class that the selected network locations are in and click Recalculate Location Fields > Selected.

    If you selected network locations in other network analysis classes as well, you can right-click the name of the analysis layer in the Network Analyst window and click Recalculate Location Fields > Selected. This recalculates all selected network locations in the analysis layer rather than just those in a network analysis class.

  3. You can choose to have symbols snap to their position on the network when recalculating. You can also choose to assign the nearest street address to the name of the network location when recalculating. These options are available in the Network Analyst Options dialog box.