Viewing and editing properties of network analysis objects

There are two methods of viewing and editing the properties of network analysis objects: using the attribute table or using the Properties window.

You can view and edit many objects at once with the attribute table and the Calculate Field geoprocessing tool. The attribute table is accessed by right-clicking either the network analysis class in the Table Of Contents or the Network Analyst window and clicking Attribute Table.

Learn more about tables and attribute information

The following steps show how to open the Properties window and change the values of input and input/output fields.

  1. Right-click a network analysis object in the Network Analyst window and click Properties.

    Alternatively, you can open the Properties window from the map display. On the Network Analyst toolbar, click either the Create Network Location Tool Create Network Location Tool or the Select/Move Network Locations Tool Select/Move Network Locations Tool. Right-click the network analysis object on the map and click Properties.

    The Properties window opens. Attributes are listed in the left column and their corresponding values in the right.

  2. You can edit values that have black text; they are input and input/output fields. You cannot edit values that have gray text; they are output-only fields.
  3. Click a property value you want to edit. If it is restricted to a domain of coded values, a drop-down list appears. Otherwise, the value is selected.
  4. Choose or enter the new value.