Creating network analysis objects using Copy and Paste

You can copy and paste network analysis objects between network analysis classes. Copying and pasting can be done within the same network analysis layer or between layers. For instance, you might want to copy an origin and a destination from an OD cost matrix into a stops class to generate the shortest-path driving directions. Or you might want to copy the resulting polygon from a service area analysis into a scaled-cost polygon barrier in a route analysis.

    It is assumed you have opened ArcMap, added a network dataset, created a network analysis layer, and placed network analysis objects in the analysis layer.
  1. If the Network Analyst window is not already present, click the Show/Hide Network Analyst Window button Show/Hide Network Analyst Window on the Network Analyst toolbar.
  2. Select the network analysis objects you want to copy.

    The selection set should be contained by one network analysis class. If your selection set spans multiple classes, you will need to repeat these steps for each class.

  3. In the Network Analyst window, right-click the network analysis class the selected objects are in and click Copy.
  4. If the network analysis class you are copying to is in another analysis layer, activate that layer in the Network Analyst window by selecting it in the drop-down menu.
  5. Right-click the network analysis class you want to copy the objects into and click Paste.

    The class you paste into must have the same geometry as the class the objects were copied from; for example, both must be point based.