Creating network analysis objects using Add Item

When a network analysis object doesn't require a geometry as input, it can be created with the Add Item command. The only network analysis layer that uses this command is the vehicle routing problem. The classes within the VRP that use Add Item are Routes, Breaks, Route Renewals, Specialties, and Order Pairs.

    It is assumed you have opened ArcMap, added a network dataset, and created a network analysis layer.
  1. If the Network Analyst window is not already present, click the Show/Hide Network Analyst Window button Show/Hide Network Analyst Window on the Network Analyst toolbar.
  2. In the Network Analyst window, right-click the network analysis class and choose Add Item.

    The Add Item command only appears for classes that don't require a geometry for input.

    A network analysis object is created, and its Properties window opens, allowing you to edit its property values.